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90 Days Warranty on tape drive repairs

Silicon Computech specialize in and tape autoloader and Tape drives repair. We offer flat rate repair cost with a 90 Days full warranty. We can think of no better way to demonstrate our quality commitment.

We Repair Most Major Brands

Tape drive brands that we work on include: Dell, HP, IBM, Quantum, Sony, Exabyte, Seagate, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Overland Data, Cipher, Fujitsu, Breece Hill, Adic, StorageTek, Tanberg, WangDat and many more


 All 4MM / DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
 G2 / G3 Autoloader
 MSL Series Libraries (MSL2024, MSL 4048, MSL6480, MSL8096 ..)..
 ESL Series Libraries
 SureStore / StoreEver / Starageworks all Drives

Oracle / SUN

 All DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
 SL Series Libraries (SL24, SL48, SL140, SL500, SL5000, SL8500 ….)
 MSL Series Libraries (MSL2024, MSL 4048, MSL6480, MSL8096 ..)..
 L Series Libraries (L20, L40, L80, L8, L25, L100, L180, L700, L1400 …)
 STK Series Libraries


 All DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
TS???? Series Drives
 TS Series Libraries (TS3100, TS3200, TS3310, TS3500, TS2900, TS2340 ….
 35xx Series Libraries


 All DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
 TL Series Libraries (TL2000, TL4000 …)
 ML Series Libraries (ML6000, ML6010, ML6020, ML6030 ….)
 PowerVault Series Libraries (124T, 132T, 136T ….)


 All 8mm, SLR, RDX, DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
T Series Libraries (T24, T40, T80, T120, T160 …..)


 All DLT / SDLT /LTO Drives
I Series Libraries (I40, I80, I500, I2000, I6000 …..)
 M Series Libraries (M1500, M1800, M2500 …..)
 PX Series Libraries (PX500, PX720 …..)
 P Series Libraries
 Faster Series
 Scalar Series Libraries
 Superloader 3


We expect you to receive a reliable tape drive following repair and we anticipate you will feel proud of the quality of presentation your tape drive is received back.

Before the repaired product leaves the Silicon service centre, we will either replace or clean the cosmetics of the tape drive such as bezels, handles and enclosures.

We will package with quality materials such as sealed ESD protective bags.

Capabilities Make the Difference

Investment in the Silicon repair centers has been significant in order to deliver a high standard of tape drive diagnostic, repair and testing capability.

Our engineers constantly strive to deliver quality with the shortest lead times and lowest possible costs. Our engineers are capable and they are experienced. We pride ourselves on our standard of technical skills to ensure quality repairs.


A team that has more than 20 years of experience in managing repairing and maintenance infrastructure

A track record of meeting scheduled deliverables within budget ( fixed rate contracts

Access to large existing inventory of spares

Immediate access to spares from USA though own office located in Santa Clara, USA and numerous suppliers based in China

Immediate availability and access to resources required to upgrade and scale up infrastructure to accommodate specific customer requirements

Overview of repair / support infrastructure of tape drives in India :

  • State of the art repair / service center at Ahmedabad with 12 workstations for repairs, 4 for QC testing , mechanical and electronic workshop with tools / equipments and software.
  • Technical support personnel at major cities / locations like Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh & Hyederabad.
  • 24/7 support through voice and broadband internet connectivity.
  • Mechanical  Workshop fully furnished  with all types of precision tools.
  • Electronics Workshop with Dust free/Air-conditioned environment.
  • Equipments / tools / software used for the repairs:
    • Tektronics TDS220 Oscilloscope Digital 100Mhz Bandwidth .
    • Vibronics 12 Liters Ultrasonic Cleaning  Bath for Mechanical parts cleaning.
    • LENSEL Flexible Arm Illuminated Magnifier.
    • Desoldering/Soldering station.
    • AVC PRO-X Tape head Demagnetizer.
    • Compressed hot and cool  air.
  • Benefit from existing nation wide Silicon infrastructure including trained personnel at major cities
  • Access to experienced Silicon personnel having in-depth knowledge of region specific problems
  • Allows lower TAT (better speed to identify the problem and provide solution) with better flexibility
  • Providing an exclusive turnkey infrastructure as an outsourcing arrangement with one point contact for any support related issues.


Silicon Computech also provide back to back Annual Maintenance Contract for the specified products / models / part numbers only as per the detailed statement of drives with identification numbers prepared, agreed and signed by both the parties. Silicon may visit the customer site with our engineer for the purpose of inspection and/or educating the customer depending on the site conditions and at its absolute discretion.

Silicon will repair the drive received within 2 to 3 working days.

If drive or its part is not repaired within THREE days, Silicon Swap your broken tape drive for a loan tape drive with same interface and capacity. Swap reduced repair delays. Silicon will repair / replace all faulty drives, which are under maintenance contract irrespective of number of times drives are reported for fault. In order to provide trouble free, best suited environment for storage devices, Silicon Electronics may suggest improvements on upgrading the facility, media used and/ or work environment. The customer is expected consider the same seriously and execute under the guidance of Silicon Computech.

Why to choose AMC Service?

AMC is a backup support service. Tape drive or tape autoloader hardware failure is always a possibility, exposing your organization / your client to the risk of data loss. By AMC you gain the assurance that Silicon will be there to help you get a tape drive running again as quickly as possible. Between us, we will minimize your risk of data loss.


  • Free phone support
  • Same day priority response
  • A loan drive for as long as your drive takes to be repaired
  • Response, every time
  • One simple annual charge for all this

One can gain these benefits with AMC support and protection:

  • Avoid costly tape drive repair bills
  • Avoid lengthy down times while your drive is being repaired
  • Avoid tape drive rental bills
  • Avoid extra complications and hassle.
  • Avoid data loss risk


Onsite Maintenance and Support Services

Silicon provides on-site preventive and emergency repair service. Our trained engineer will come to your place and diagnosed the problem and repair it if possible at that point of time.

Please send us your inquiry –Fixed Price or Free Quote – both are easy Simply send your broken tape drive or tape autoloader to our head quarter along with your contact details. Unless we have earlier agreed doing a fixed price repair, we will always provide you with a quote. This allows you the choice of going ahead with the repair or not. We have made it easy for you.

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