Secure Marksheets / Degree certificate solution

What is the pbSecure Document Evidence & Verification Solution and what it does?

CCMS is Mastersoft’s one of the best educational softwares for computerization of administrative activities of any colleges including Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, MBA, Education. It helps lot in providing secured, accurate and timely information to college users at all levels.

Secures data from the point of origination

Convert Raw Data into a Secured Encrypted Format (128bit encryption)

Secures the complete database by encrypting data.

Secure data from external/internal threats of misappropriate modifications

Creating SecuredTamper Evident&Verifiable – Degrees/Marksheets -in both digital and physical format

Network Independent & Originator Independent Verification Process -Offline, Online & Smart Phones

What are the hardware and software requirements for the application?

Expected Customer Infrastructure

Desktop/Laptop with Windows XP or Windows 7

Laser Printer

A 2D Barcode Scanner

pbSecure Document Evidence & Verification Solution client application

Expected Server Infrastructure

A Linux based Server for hosting the central repository and the pbSecure Document Evidence & Verification Solution Server application that provides web based user interface for verification

Any Server for data backup and archival with ability to restore and backup data for audit purposes

Access rights to troubleshoot,manage and maintain the server side of application (Central Server).

No additional hardware/software/license is required to run the application on either the client or server side apart from what is specified above.

What are areas that it can help in?

The product is useful for all the documents that need verification, the areas that pbSecure can instantly help is for generating:

Degree Certificates/ Board Pass Certificates

Admit Cards


School leaving and transfer certificates

What are value added services it can help university/education boards?

The pbSecure secure platform allows user to monetize verification for boards and universities at minimum expense and reducing the time taken to almost zero time.
Also currently all certificates are translated by third party translators who charge a fee upto INR 100 per character for translating these documents. University can come up with templates in multiple languages with the pbSecure barcode ensuring all the certificates still retain correct information.

What are the benefits to stakeholders?

The product is useful for all the documents that need verification, the areas that pbSecure can instantly help is for generating:

University benefits from this solution as effort spent on verification is eliminated

University can eliminate time, cost and effort it spends on verifying student records

Establish reputation as being proactive in preventing fake degree – reduce erosion of trust among employers

The University can regulate the number of degrees being issued through the secured devices

The University can also regulate the courses for which different centres can issue degrees

Controls across University Campuses

The University will get Rs. xxx per document verified by an employer / third party verifier both in an offline and online verification scenario

Instantly Verifiable Documents -Degrees can be verified instantly – both online and offline

True Copies of Degrees – No Attestation Needed

School leaving and transfer certificates

Silicon Computech strongly recommends this software to all leading educational groups to get in touch with us to know