Pitney Bowes have come up with a new solution that offer an easy and convenient way to ship your packages. Using Pitney Bowes SendStation Shipping APP embedded on Samsung printers, sending packages has never been faster, cost effective and easier.

Sendstation Solution consists of an integrated solution with the following

Weighing scale to measure dead weight.

Sendstation app for multi carrier shipping service powered by Shyplite

Samsung printer for hosting the sendstation app and label printing

What you do with SendStation

Print your own shipping labels

Using the precision printing power of Samsung’s digital printers and the Pitney Bowes Shipping APP, you can now print real shipping labels at your smart printer. No lines, no waits.
Just print your label at the printer and apply it on your package for it to be picked up by the carrier and your package will be on its way.

Type in your own information.

You can weigh your package and input your shipping details on our app yourself. This allows you to make sure that your package gets where it needs to go.

Ship anywhere

Whether you’re shipping across the country or the world, SendStation offers everything you need to get your packag to its destination and Samsung’s premium printers produce an easy-to read label.

Track your package through its journey

You will have up to the minute visibility of where your package is throughout its voyage with the respective Carrier.

How It works?

Who can use this?


All offices having a monthly parcel volume at 50+ parcels a month. The solution can also covers mails as well. The solution helps provide parcel booking and parcel tracking all from the tablet on the printer.

Courier booking counters

Any community or neighbourhood has tie-ups with local businesses for parcel/letter booking and tracking.

Courier booking counters

Based in a community / neighbourhood helping retail customers and walkins while generate another source of revenue.

Channel Partners/ Dealers

All business who work with big organizations and sell their products to their clients can use this solution for sending their parcels like Parts, Consumables, Machines etc

Company Warehouses

for delivering products, spares, consumables to client locations or dealers

Customer Benefits

With the correct dead weight and dimensional weight captured, carrier rates can be calculated accurately and within seconds

The data can be automatically fed into ERP or any carrier rate calculation engine

Integrated with all major carriers and providing the single window to clients for selecting carrier.

Tracking & Invoicing is available at a single location.

No hassles of dealing with Pickup

Provides the option of having the best carrier in terms of reach and costs both.

Integrated Partners with Shiplite