Franking is the evidencing of postage stamp impression instead of a physical stamp in a mail piece through a machine with speed and accuracy in terms of value with processing capability of more than 100 mail pieces in a minute that otherwise need to be done manually.

Why Franking?

Reduces postages expenses compared to courier.

No physical storing of stamps and hence avoids theft or loss

No licking or sticking of stamps as it is an automated process with speed and accuracy

No over stamping or under stamping as it provides accurate value

Can convert your mail piece into a promo material

Not only reduces your postal expense but earns 3% incentive

Track department wise and category postage expense

DM series digital mailing system

The DM series digital mailing system packs a full measure of mail handling flexibility and security into a compact, quietly efficient and affordable system

No more overspending

Accurate electronic weighing with integrated weighing platform of 5kg for DM140i and an optional weighing scale of 35kg.

Cost control

Accounts stored in the system enables tracking of postal expenses and allocate postal by cost center or department.

Future proof mailing

IntelliLinkTM is the cost effective way of accessing new postal rates without having to purchase a rate from.

Secured money

No more stamps (equivalent to cash) lying around in the office as funds are securely downloaded and stored in the meter.

Added Features

Advertise for free Transform standard mail shots into eye-catching communications — advertise your business on every mail piece with sharp inkjet printing to build professional images in your slogan space.
Print your office addresses printing a return address on the envelope ensures compliance postal requirements of having to print sender’s address on all franked mails. This can also replace the need of preprinted envelopes.
Inbound Mail Stamping use the date and time stamp feature to stamp your incoming mail to track the date and time for the same.

Offers more convenience

Reduced mail preparation time Seal the envelopes while they are franked, resulting in professional and ready to post mail.
Differential Weighing enables you to place mixed mail pieces on the scale platform and as you move every piece from the stack, the correct rate is calculated. And the proper postage is printed. It greatly improves the speed of processing of mixed weight mail and parcels, and there in increases your mailroom efficiency

Special Features

We are the inventors of franking machines and therefore no one knows franking technology better than us
We are the only company in this field having a direct presence in India and therefore having a direct commitment towards the users in India
We offer after sales service directly by the company i.e. Pitney Bowes and NOT through our distributors. This ensures better and more reliable after sales service