A manual updating process of your address database can be time-consuming. Address and deliverability validation solutions can close the loop on customer communications.

AddressRight™ DA50s

Hardworking mail begins with a complete addressing solution

Your goal is to produce successful mailings at the lowest possible cost per item. The DA50s AddressRight® envelope printer can print up to 7,700 items per hour, optimizing performance and saving costs along the way.

AddressRight™ DA70s

Hardworking mail begins with a complete addressing solution.

Target the right market with the right message. The DA70s AddressRight® envelope printer can address your mail piece and add a personalized message to envelopes, postcards, booklets and more, at speeds of up to 8,800 items per hour.

AddressRight™ DA95f

The ultimate in performance and dependability.

Rely on the DA95f AddressRight envelope printer to provide the speed and efficiency that drives your profitability. Print up to 30,000 mail pieces per hour, in spot color and grab the attention of the recipient

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