The OmniDocs ECM software is the market leading product that enables the “digital transformation of your enterprise”. It allows end-to-end management of enterprise content, which is from capture to disposition. It facilitates the delivery of contextual information to business stakeholders and employees for improved collaboration, smarter decision making, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Achieve quick turnaround time, accurate responses and better visibility of document centric, customer facing processes.

Enhance Business Productivity

Deliver contextual content to the business user, enhancing efficiency and reusability.

Reduce Operating Costs

Manage electronic handling of critical content in all forms, right from its capture, storage and management to delivery.

OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud creating a highly connected and digital workplace. It offers a robust US DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around management of records.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has become a key imperative for most organizations. It has become the formalized means through which organizations manage documents as well as content in other forms. It is a mix of strategies, methods and tools used by modern day businesses to manage the complete life-cycle of enterprise level content and information.

 Business leaders and managers witness ECM as an effective means to cater to chaos which enterprise content can create when managed without a well thought out strategy.

Enterprise Content Management has in today’s time, become synonymous to applications or software platforms used by organizations to bring about effective management of enterprise level information and content.

Enterprise Content Management platforms are extensively used as part of an organization’s ECM strategies.