Today’s world of information technology is all about accessing and managing information in a cost-effective manner, saving valuable time and space.

Research shows that in any business 98 per cent of the documents are stored and archived for future reference after their current utility ends. Large spaces are required for storage of these documents, wasting valuable space. Stored documents are also exposed to the risk of damage, being misplaced or misfiled. Retrieving documents is extremely time consuming. Sometimes, extra manpower is required just to maintain them.

Silicon computech offers you comprehensive range of services include Document Design, Digitization, DataCapture and Document Scanning .Don’t need of searching required paper from bunch and bunch of files or documents. Leave your pain to us. We will convert your paper document to electronic document.Let the document be of any size, binded or unbinded, old or new, B/W or colour, we can scan any document.

We will also provide retrieval software. With help of our user-friendly scan & retrieval software (which can be customised as per your requirement) your establishment can become paper less office.

For enterprises not willing to deal themselves with data capture we offer our services to extract data from documents, forms or questionnaires for them. The documents to be processed will be sent to us by mail and will then be scanned and processed using OCR or ICR technologies, respectively and converted to the desired format. As a result you will get a document archive or a database containing the extracted data. The original documents can be destroyed or sent back to you.

Depending on the type of documents we distringuish between unstructured and structured documents. Unstructured documents are usually text like newspaper articles or scientific papers that have to be converted completely and as similar to the original as possible. Unstructured documents are mostly forms or questionnaires sharing a common layout and containing data at fixed positions.

Capturing Unstructured Documents

Capture of printed text with arbitrary layout and up to size A3

Scanning in black-and-white, grayscale or color at up to 600 dpi

Conversion into editable text using state-of-the-art OCR technologies

Maintenance of layout, formattings and graphics

Export to Word, Excel, PDF and many more formats

Capturing Structured Documents

Capture of data from printed or handwritten forms or questionnaires

Scanning in black-and-white up to size A3 and 400 dpi

Processing of field contents using OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition

Optional: manual verification and correction (at additional costs)

Data export to ODBC compliant databases (e.g. Access, IBM db2, Oracle, SQL Server etc.) or text files

Records can contain links to the scanned pages

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