Silicon Computech was founded in 1989 to focus on niche technologies based strategic IT solutions and services on integrated hardware – software platforms.
Silicon Computech is a pioneering technology leader that is writing the future of India’s digitalization. For more than 25 years, we have been at the forefront, innovating digitally connected and enabled enterprise equipment and systems. Every day, we drive innovation, efficiency and productivity in utilities, enterprise, education and governance which is evident from our customer base span over pan Asia–Pacific region. Customers include large and medium size Original Equipment Manufacturers (Computer OEMs), Government organizations, Educational institutions and Corporates.
Silicon Computech enables easy to use, secure and innovative digital solutions for a smarter India by providing products, solutions and services for different applications like data protection, data back-up (both end-point and server), data archival, data digitization, data input automation for different verticals like education, government and corporates.

Silicon Computech addresses the rise of the Cloud computing by addressing the solutions for Cloud and Data center related services including hosting, full IT Infra management, network and security management as well as disaster recovery as a service.

Silicon Computech has state of the art repair facilities, industry-leading technology and knowhow, and a talented, high-performing team dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers and partners for out of warranty and end-of-life tape drives and robotic based libraries in Ahmedabad for major manufacturers like IBM, DELL, HP, Quantum, Tandberg/Overland etc. Silicon Computech also provides onsite/offsite support to major IT services organizations in India for these devices for their end-customers.

Core Values

A company based on Values.

As a company, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. Since its inception 28 years ago, Silicon Computech has always been a customer-centric company. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. Silicon Computech has developed internal processes and culture to provide utmost customer satisfaction for its solutions and services. To maintain our leadership, we focus on the future and aggressively pursue innovations.

Silicon Computech is a customer-centric company which is reflected through our philosophy of exceeding customers’ expectations through proving on–time services and deliveries, intelligent support and expedited resolution of customers’ problems.


Our vision is to help India in digital transformation by offering quality products and services using the best technology available. Silicon Computech wants to help organizations in their digital transformation journey as their reliable and key partner.


Silicon Computech is a customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that helps organizations in their endeavor to digitize key processes and functionalities which enhances their end customer user experience as well as protection and archival of valuable data.

Tape drive Maintenance Division

More than 10,000 devices successfully repaired and maintained

Combined experience of more than 75 man years amongst 8 trained engineers

Expertise on Out of Warranty and End of Life devices

More than 20 Geographical locations (including Metro and non-metro) covered throughout India for onsite back to back maintenance contracts

Experience to repair all tape technologies including 4mm/8mm/SLR/QIC/DLT and LTO.

Spare and service support for IBM, HP, Oracle (Sun/Storagetek), Quantum, Dell, Tandberg, Overland branded tape products

Digitization Division

Carried out bulk scanning/digitization work for more than 15 million pages.

Ability to scan/digitize all form factor papers from A0 to A4 .

Successfully served more than 100 Large/Medium Government and Semi Government institutions/bodies

Meet our Core Team


Munir Thakor


Ashish Kothari